Hoi An Ancient Town

Hoi An
Hoi An

First to Hoi An, the feeling of flying by small streets, houses available close, dark temple architecture of the Japanese culture, China. Save your photos by Vietnamese Hung shared, taken from the Canon 50D, 24-105mm lens, F4.

As one of the busiest ports in Southeast Asia the second 16th century, Hoi An is known as a place of barter trade of Japan – China, Thailand, India. The trading ships in Europe far away as the Netherlands, Portugal, UK … also visited.
You can choose to walk or rent bicycles, or sit on a pedicab just to hear silver thong line just after the cycling events for the guests or the outstanding monuments of Hoi An.

Everywhere in Hoi An, you also have to go see the friendly eyes, the smile of the people in plays host to welcome guests. They welcome visitors, invited guests to buy souvenirs for something very polite and courteous. Absolutely no images unsettled, begged or clinging to tourists.

Sitting right on the street at noon oi hat, you will witness the activities in the lives of people here: the burden is empty of fruit, tea vending, the schoolboy her tan riding school hours or images siblings sanitation workers despite fierce sun to clean up the old town every day. You will feel the real life in tranquil Hoi An, simple.

Hoi An Full Moon days, you will be enjoying the party “has no English road motorcycles, the house hanging lanterns bright.” Lantern is also a very distinct characteristic of Hoi An. Hoi An was beautiful silk, this is used to form the colorful lanterns made the town increasingly sparkling nightlife more vibrant. The custom of lighting lanterns decorate the streets of Hoi An on a full moon night from three centuries ago and still continue to be kept to this day.

And tourism is sure to mention food. Hoi An cuisine has many dishes not rich but with a few special dishes, guests eat and will not soon forget. Rice dish chicken rice is soft, flexible shredded chicken served with vegetables and a bit more ram and onions. Left High floor, noodles featured very little water in Hoi An, a meat, fried wonton with a little more raw and price will make you just want to eat more just broken rules.


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