This small boutique near the Japanese Covered Bridge sells eco-chic clothing and accessories made from organic cotton and high-end silk. Metiseko also sell quilts, children’s clothing, and home decor, all with lovely prints and fabrics. There is a second location at 86 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street.


Upon arriving in Vietnam, Metiseko French founders have been driven by a desire to create upscale and cosmopolitan quality clothing for men and women, accessories and homeware with a strong “Made in Vietnam” identity. From its base in Hoi An, Central Vietnam, Metiseko’s Creative team take inspiration from Vietnamese traditions and landscapes to design original fabric that captures the essence of this fascinating country while remaining stylish and contemporary. The unique and creative collections are produced locally from quality Vietnamese silk and organic cotton, following socially and environmentally responsible principles. Visit our enticing shops in Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City to experience the world of Metiseko and take home a long-lasting memory of Vietnam.


I have shopped twice at this shop, first for a pair of trousers with a cotton top, and a beautiful silk blouse, they fitted perfectly! The quality is wonderful and the service is great. The ladies are very friendly and patient. I really liked the conceptual idea behind the shop, and the presentation. The fabrics are so pretty and different from what you see in other shops, this makes it special. So I could not help but shop there one more time before we left, bought a beautiful long silk dress with a shawl and a silk top. We have seen some taylor shops as well in Hoi An, but I could not bring myself to get the clothes made due to my control issue, so I was really happy Metiseko had ready to wear clothes which were so lovely and such a good quality!
Metisko have a great concept of showing Vietnam trough beautiful patterns in their organic vietnameese silk. The products are a bit pricey, but the quality keeps up and the service is great. They have made it an experience just to visit the store.
I came here three years ago and loved everything about this shop. The fabric and design is so beautiful.


I kept thinking about this shop and I am so glad they got more items and bigger shop now. Everything is done very tastefully. I can say it is not cheap but the quality and meaning behind the brand makes me feel worth the money. The quality and service is top notch!

I rarely ever write reviews but this place has to be one of the best shops in Hoi An.

First, let me thank Bay for assisting me both days in the store. She’s honest and she knows which color compliments your skin well. She doesnt push you to buy anything more than you need. Although you’d probably just buy more for yourself because its too cute!

I got in total 2 infinity silk scarves and 2 small pouches as gifts and its so worth the price. It’s really not that much if u think about it. Everything has a story behind it. You also got a free drink (got the iced lemon) if u purchase more than 1 mil vnd.

So definitely worth a visit if you’re in town!

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