Qua Giang Communal house

The communal house is the national historical relic. The other name of its is Qua Giang worshipping house of many families, in Hoa Phuoc commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang city. The worshipping house was built in 1821 to adore talent mandarins and heroic ancestors of 4 Families Dinh, Le, Tran, Nguyen who were credited with obeying Nguyen Lord went to the Southern to expand territory and establish Qua Giang old village including Qua Giang area, Giang Nam, Tra Kiem, An Luu and Cau Mong.
Every year, two ceremonies are held on 20th February and 7th December (lunar calendar) to commemorate the heroic ancestors. Tourist can follow 1A national road toward Vinh Dien, pass Qua Giang bridge about 300m, turn left 400m you will see Qua Giang communal house.


Qua Giang Communal house1Qua Giang Communal House is located in Qua Giang Hamlet, Hoa Phuoc Commune, Hoa Vang District. Built in the year of Tan Ty (1821), it worships Quan Thanh and the forefathers of the Dinh, Le, Tran, and Nguyen families who followed the Nguyen kings to the southern regions to expand their territories. These forefathers established Quang Giang Village, which consists of Qua Giang, Giang Nam, Tra Kiem, An Luu and Con Mong.

The communal house is divided into two parts: the forecourt and the sanctuary.  They are connected by two corridors with roofs that make a self-contained rectangle.  The forecourt is constructed with a “chong ruong – gia thu” structure.  The pillars are decorated with lotus carvings and ornamental pumpkins at their bases.  Two rows of 5 metre high pillars, two pillars to each row, support the beams, and two rows of smaller posts support two secondary roofs.  The rafters are carved with trees, flowers, animals, eight valuable objects, and different ornamental lines.  There is the design of a carp changing to a dragon on every rafter’s end.

The sanctuary is divided into three sections with four lean-tos and a pantile roof.  Four 5 metre high pillars, eight 3 metre high secondary posts, and 16 small poles support the rafters.  On the sanctuary’s front roof are carvings of four supernatural creatures – a well-matched pair of phoenixes and two dragons looking towards each other. 

Local people organise ceremonies on the 20th day of the second lunar month and the 12th day of the seventh lunar month in memory of their ancestors.

Qua Giang Communal House was recognised as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture and Communication on 1 February 2000.


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