Italy triumphs at int’l fireworks competition


Italy won the Danang International Fireworks Competition in Danang City at the weekend.

A firework display by the Italian Parente Fireworks Company who won first prize at the Danang International Fireworks Competition 2011. The Italians saw off the U.K., South Korea, China, Italy and the hosts as visitors enjoyed the spectacular show.

The Italian Parente Fireworks Company with the theme ‘Vitality of the River’ gave an outrageous performance of fireworks and music to win first prize.

Italy triumphs at int’l fireworks competition
Italy triumphs at int’l fireworks competition

Korea’s Hanwha, who performed at the FIFA World Cup 2002 and APEC Summit 2005, won second prize with China’s Panda team. The team presented ‘The Han River and its challenges’.

The U.K.’s Jubilee and host Danang shared fourth place. On the first night, hosts Vietnam displayed “Sparkling Han River” to background music by Ai Nghia Tran. The Chinese team ‘Panda Fireworks’ performed ‘Along the Han River’ with special effects of waves and boats moving along the river and displaying a sunrise.

After two days of competition, the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2012 wrapped up on April 30, with the first prize going to a team from Italy.

This is the second time in a row the Italian team won the title. Its marvelous performance featured seven colours of a rainbow, reflecting the development of Vietnam through different stages as well as Da Nang city in recent years.

The teams from China and France ranked second, while others from Canada and the host Vietnam were placed third.

With the theme “Colours of Da Nang”, the competition was the fifth of its kind hosted by the central city.


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