Cau Mong rare beef


Located in Dien Phuong Commune, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province, Cau Mong is 15km from Danang. There are a number of restaurants serving the famous dish. It has become more and more popular in other places including Danang, Hoi An, Tam Ky, Vinh Dien and even Ho Chi Minh City.

Slices of beef are prepared so that they have both flesh and skin and roasted on a spit. When eating, season with fish paste, soya sauce, chilli peppers, sugar and lemon. Various kinds of vegetable such as green banana, sour carambola, and herbs will give it more flavour. Don’t forget some crispy sesame “banh trang”.
Some well-known rare beef kiosks in Danang City
1.Mrs. Ngoc Rare Beef
Add: 228 Dong Da Street
2. Rare Beef
Add: 103 Trieu Nu Vuong Street
Tel: (84)511.824676
3. Hoi Quan
Add: 155 Nguyen Van Linh Street
Tel: (84)511.656595
4. 356 Kiosk
Add: 356 Dong Da Street
5. Thai Ngu
Add: 151 Nguyen Van Linh Street
Tel: (84)511.655923
6. Tien Thanh
Add: 227 Tran Phu Street
Tel: (84)511.820817
7.Viet 1
Add: 315 Le Duan Street
Tel: (84)511.891251


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