Pork wrapped in “banh trang”


You should make the rolls yourself from boiled pork, vegetables and noodles. Just roll the ingredients in soft “banh trang” and dip them in spicy fish sauce.

Only a dish of pork wrapped in “banh trang” like other rolled dishes, the most important ingredient is pork. Pork for this dish should be rump meat from a 70-kilogram pig. Usually, only 5 kg can be selected and 40% of this is suitable for the dish.
The boiled meat must be well done and the pure colour of its fat retained. Pork is poiled in medium fire so that it is not well done so soon. Utensils must be rinsed before touching the meat to maintain its flavour and hygiene. Except for vegetables, fresh onion and green pip bananas, other additional things including fried “banh trang”, noodles (made by rice flavor to roll with boiled pork) are made by the saler for higiene requirements. Hot fish sauce will make the dish more special.
Some kiosks in Danang City:

1. Mau Kiosk
– Add: 35 Do Thuc Dinh Street
– Tel: (84)511.846615

2. Quynh Giao Kiosk
– Add: Do Thuc Dinh Street
– Tel: (84)511.846410

3. Nam Phuc Kiosk
– Add: Do Thuc Dinh Street
– Tel: (84)511.846385

4. Dong Noi Kiosk
– Add: 115 Do Thuc Dinh Street
– Tel: (84)511.846615


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