Raw fish and vegetables


There are an infinite number of recipes for this dish. They vary from one locality to the other.

1. Raw fish
Small, scaly and fresh fish are often used for totally raw recipes. The local people make this themselves from cleaned fish with spring onion, pimento, and rock salt. With sips of rice wine, the dish becomes tastier. However, you are advised not to eat much.

2. Half-raw fish
Don’t use fire. Tenderise the fish with the acids in vinegar, lemon, carambola, green mango and tamarind or the tart tastes of powdered grilled rice, sliced banana flower and guava sprout crush. Rinse and strain the fish after pickling in vinegar or alum, and do the same before if you use the other flavours. In some areas, the local people often wrap the fish in paper to strain the water and put it in baskets of rice to tenderise by the heat of the rice. Then the fish is taken out and sliced and mixed with powdered grilled corn or grilled rice.
The usual accompanying vegetables are green bananas, sour carambola, houttuynia, savory, sage, mango sprouts etc. A bowl of fish sauce skillfully made from well-ground chilli and garlic, ripe tamarind, peanut candy and banana will be a wonderful finishing touch to the dish.

3. Mixed raw fish
You don’t need to eat this dish with fish sauce because it is a combination of various tastes of saltiness, sweetness, sourness, acridity and oiliness. Use crushed dried peanuts, dried sesame or sliced pork to make the dish oily.
Raw fish is often served with grilled or soft “banh trang”, vegetables and fish sauce. In some areas, it is accompanied by rice noodles and a hot broth made from fish bones, tamarind, salt, sugar, basil, etc.
The dish is popular in many restaurants in Nam O, Hoa Hiep Ward, Lien Chieu District, Danang.

Some kiosks in Danang City:
1. Mrs. Thoi Kiosk
Add: 96 Le Dinh Duong Street
Tel: (84)511. 825384
2. My Hanh Kiosk
Add: 49 Chau Thuong Van Street
Tel: (84)511.626248
3. Son Hai Kiosk
Add: 23 Chau Thuong Van Street
Tel: (84)511.615989


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