Transportation in Danang

Transportation in Danang
Transportation in Danang

Danang transportation guide
The city of Danang is largely flat, so if you need to traverse small distances you can either cycle or even walk the distance. However, most of the sight-seeing attractions, which are also World Heritage Sites, are at a distance from each other, so it is imperative that you zero in on an efficient mode of transport.┬áTo and from the airport by cyclo to Danang’s airport only takes about 15 minutes from the centre.

This Danang transportation page will tell you all you need to know about travelling in and around Danang. Use our Danang Destination Guide for a list of things to see and do; or click on our Vietnam Country Guide and Vietnam Transportation Guide if you want to know more about travelling to culturally rich Danang or Vietnam.
By Air
The Danang International Airport is 2.5 km southwest of the city centre. It is a mere five minute drive from Danang city and about 30 minutes from Hoi An. There are metered taxis which take you to and from the airport. There are daily domestic flights from Hanoi, Plieku and Ho Chi Minh City. Flights to Hai Phong fly twice a week; to Nha Trang four times a week and to Buoan Ma Thuot three times a week. There are direct international flights to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore and Siem Riep. There are 84 domestic flights and six international flights flying weekly to Hong Kong and Thailand. Some of the international airways flying to Danang are Vietnam Airlines, PB Air, Siem Riep Airway, Far Transportation and Sil Airway.
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Transportation in Danang
Transportation in Danang

By Bus
You can travel to Danang by road from Hue (108 km) or from Quang Ngai, which is 130 km from Danang. Hanoi (763 km) and Ho Chi Minh City (947 km) are quite far from Danang by road, so you can either take a train or fly to Danang from these places. If you are new to Vietnam, avoid bus travel at all costs. Hiring a car will perhaps be the best mode of transport.

By Train
Located in the inner city, the Danang railway station is one of the biggest junctions on the North-South rail route. It is connected very well to Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi with nearly 29 train trips per week. It is possible for travellers to buy tickets at the Danang station to the rest of the country. However, train travel does take up a lot of time, so if time is a constraint then it is better to avoid train travel. Moreover, the train fares are only marginally less than air fares. But the experience may be worth it as you get to see picturesque sights en route.

Honda Om

Within Danang, you can hire the motorcycle taxi known as a Honda Om. These motorcycle taxis are found at every street corner and are cheap and reliable. However, it is advisable to negotiate the price before you hire one. You can make a day trip to sight-seeing attractions like Hoi An, Marble Mountains and China Beach by hiring these motorcycles.


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